Our private residential care understand the specific challenges faced by people living with dementia – our teams are able to provide professional and compassionate support for both our residents and their loved ones. Our friendly team of compassionate carers offer real understanding, a dignified lifestyle and expert specialist care, every day.

Living with Dementia

Living with dementia doesn’t have to be a difficult, lonely experience. There are lots of ways of helping people to live a full and happy life. At Ambleside, we like to think we offer something special.

Complex Needs

Our private residential care understand the dilemma in making the decision to place your relatives especially when they have difficulty communicating their needs. At Ambleside the staff are experienced and trained in dealing with complex needs and continue to train and work with community professionals to make the residents’ receive the empathy, continuity and consistency that are so vital to their sustained well-being.

‘Ambleside is like a home from home for my mum…’

‘….I am so happy and relieved that I chose this nursing home. All the staff are so welcoming and friendly and you actually feel they are part of the family. Nothing is too much trouble for them, even when they are obviously busy, they still ask if you want a drink as soon as you get there. The care my mum receives is excellent, and I can’t praise them enough, dealing with mum and her decline in her dementia. Staff keep informed with all aspects of her care and her physical and mental wellbeing’ –

“I am delighted and relieved that we found Ambleside after years of appalling treatment/conditions/ management in previous establishments. My wife is now in very good hands. The team, having taken great care in establishing and meeting her extremely complicated wants and needs. She can only take food through a straw, and with her advanced Alzheimer’s condition, it can take 1 1/2 hr per meal. The fact that this is actioned, together with all the other routine caring tasks, is a tribute to the team’s dedication and diligence in getting things right”.

Guidance and Support

We put our residents’ needs at the heart of everything we do, from the care plans shaped around each individual we look after to the delicious, home-cooked food that takes personal preferences and nutritional needs into account.

Nor do you have to feel alone if your loved one has a diagnosis of dementia. Our expert team’s guidance and support will give you the reassurance and solace you require.

We believe in making a difference to our resident’s lives, both in the care we provide and the quality of our homes. That commitment is visible in the special environment we offer, with its calming atmosphere and feeling of safety that gives our residents the reassuring comfort of home.

It’s evident in the carefully chosen activities that give the right levels of stimulation while respecting each individual’s need for safety and calm.