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Well Being

At Ambleside, we devote ourselves to supporting you with managing your health and well-being. We want you to proactively get the most out of life, to enjoy your chosen lifestyle and maintain life skills that support your independence and mobility.

Positive well-being means experiencing an overall feeling of happiness and satisfaction with life. This is achieved through being able to do those things that bring you pleasure and contentment. Your well-being levels can be enhanced by taking part in a balance of activities that help you to be physically active, mentally stimulated and socially connected.

Our activities provided by the in-house team as well as third party professionals, will enable your confidence to build with mobility and reduce the risk of you falling. Better posture, flexibility, all supported by a nutritious diet can make a real difference for you.

We’ll measure and record your well-being and provide you with key points on your balance, stability and how to prevent falls, improving your overall health and independence.

'...A wonderful place to be'

My review concerning Ambleside Care Home, to me is a wonderful place to be. I feel very safe here and secure and very happy. Have been at Ambleside nearly four years and do hope to be here for the rest of my days.

The home is situated in a lovely place at Weston Super Mare, very picturesque and beautiful setting.

I am very lucky to be here.’

Rob F.



We believe in delicious home-cooked food, attentive service and understanding what each resident enjoys. Our chef prepares home made food on the premises and delights in seeing the residents enjoy their food. We use fresh and natural produce for all meals which are sourced from local suppliers. We provide a nutritionally balanced, tasty variety of food with attractive presentation. Residents are encouraged to express their food preferences as there is always a choice.

Additionally, tea and coffee is always available