24 hour, 'full peace of mind' nursing care for you and your loved one

Perhaps you're looking for a great place that can get your loved one quickly back to full health following a fall or accident?  

Or maybe you've been nursing them at home, but now they need that bit of extra medical expertise and 24 hour attention that only qualified nursing staff in a residential home can bring?

Whatever the circumstance, if your loved one needs a period of full time nursing care you'll be able to rest easy knowing that they are being cared for at Ambleside, the home local healthcare professionals trust and choose for their own families.

But maybe your loved one still has these fears?

Facing moving into full time nursing care can still be a daunting prospect for your loved one.

Perhaps they dread no longer being in control of their lives and are worried about moving where they don’t know anyone. Or maybe they're concerned that they won’t like the food or that they’ll have no privacy.

If you recognise these fears and concerns please be assured that we can help.

Why choosing Ambleside may well be the best possible option for you both

Having the fears mentioned above is perfectly natural. Moving into full time residential care is a momentous thing and choosing the right home that can provide the best care is crucially important.

An Excellent Home, Cannot Recommend It Enough
From the start my mother has been happy at Ambleside Nursing home, she has put on weight and is more talkative. The staff, including the manager, are very caring and approachable, nothing is too much trouble for them. The home is comfortable and welcoming, I would recommend Ambleside to other relatives.

Sally R 

We believe that at Ambleside you'll find the best place to help your loved one back to full health again as quickly as possible.

Here's why.

  • As already mentioned, Ambleside has been chosen numerous time by Weston's healthcare professionals for their own families. There's no higher recommendation.
  • Your loved one will still feel like they are at home, not in hospital. Ambleside's compact size and 'home style' environment is very likely to be similar to your loved ones own home.

    They'll therefore feel much more comfortable and at ease than in a larger 'corporate' style nursing home that looks like a hospital and carries all the fears of never coming home that often implies.
  •  We’re a small community where everyone knows each other and looks out for each other - Ambleside's small 19 bed size means that all the staff know all the residents and most of the residents know each other as well.

    There’s a genuine community feel to the place and this really helps our residents to a speedy convalescence, especially if they've previously lived alone for a number of years and been unable to get out much.
  • We employ Nice People. We don’t employ people To Be Nice - Your loved one needs to know like and trust our staff members completely if they are to feel comfortable in letting them care for them - and so do we.

    So, we have stringent, in-depth recruitment procedures to ensure that only the most caring and understanding of individuals get to care for your loved one. They are selected not because they want a job, rather because caring for people is their vocation.

    This is truly important and often over looked in larger homes where there is often a regular turnover of staff and high pressure to recruit and fill a large workforce.
  • ​ As evidenced by the NHS Choices website 100% of our staff hold, or are working towards, a relevant qualification. The average for nursing homes is just 48%.

    This means your loved one will be looked after by knowledgeable staff who actually know exactly what they're doing and are well qualified to provide nursing care. This is not always the case as the figures prove and it's well worth asking about as the consequences of poor care can be devastating. 

Staff Are Relaxed With Time For Residents
We moved our parents to Ambleside from another home, the rejuvenation in their health has to be seen to be believed, especially my father. Previously he was invariably asleep, now he is able to participate once again. Additionally his appetite has returned. Ambleside is light and airy and staff are relaxed giving the impression they are able to spare time as needed for residents and visitors

Adrian E 

What to do now

We hope you feel this brief introduction to the home shows how Ambleside will provide your loved one with a warm, friendly, safe environment and truly exceptional care. However, the best way to see if Ambleside is right for you is to come and see for yourself.

You’re very welcome to visit any time and the kettle is always on so why not pop in and take a look. If you have any questions or would like to arrange an appointment with the Home Manager for a confidential chat about your requirements, please call us on 01934 443028 or click on the button below to send us a message.

We look forward to meeting you!

P.S Places at Ambleside are much sought after and we'd hate for you to have a wasted journey. We advise calling ahead to make sure a place is available before setting out to travel any distance.