Are you looking for a nursing placement for someone who has dementia with complex needs and challenging behaviour?

If so finding a suitable nursing placement in the Weston-super-Mare area can be really difficult. There are unfortunately few nursing homes who have the required level of skill and experience.

And there’s nothing worse than placing your trust in a home that say’s they can cope with someone, only to find they can’t.

Ambleside Nursing Home does have that experience along with a proven track record of impressive results. We have even successfully taken residents from other homes who have been unable to cope and improved their lives considerably, so you can rest assured we won’t let you down.

We have a selection of rooms that are reserved exclusively for people who require nursing care, have dementia, and have complex needs and challenging behaviour.

However, the needs of our other residents who do not want to be disturbed or distressed are paramount so these rooms are located well away from the main communal areas of the home.

Can we take everyone who has complex needs and challenging behaviour?

The short answer is no.

As a social or healthcare professional you'll know a full assessment is the only way to know if we can properly meet a person needs. However we don't want to waste your time so we'd like to give you some idea of who we can accommodate and who we might not. 

As an example, we would not be able to care for anyone who may constantly seek to leave the home or may be physically violent to staff or other residents in the communal areas of the home. 

However, for most other cases where someone needs nursing care and has challenging behaviour we are likely able to offer them a place in the home. 

The next step

As you know every case is different so if you need to place a person who has dementia with complex and challenging needs please give us a call on 01934 443028 to have a confidential chat about your exact requirements.

The home is always open so if you'd prefer, please feel free to call in anytime for a look around and a chat.

We look forward to helping you.