Do you need nursing care for a loved one who has dementia with complex needs and who sometimes has challenging behaviour?

Coping with someone who has dementia is hard enough but when this leads to challenging behaviour as well it can be especially difficult. To find that they then need full time nursing care and will have to move into a nursing home can be a real worry.

How will you find someone who can care for their very special needs in the way that you do?

If this is you there’s a strong chance that we are able to offer you a solution. Ambleside Nursing Home specialises in the care of those living with dementia related illness and especially those with challenging and complex behaviour.

Our small and dedicated team of specialist nursing staff have extensive experience of dealing with a variety of complex dementia needs. So, it’s highly likely we will have already come across your loved one's behaviour and will know how best to handle it with both expert care and real compassion. 

We have a selection of bedrooms that are suitable for residents who find dealing with their dementia difficult. These are separate from the main rooms in the nursing home so there’s no need to worry about your loved one disturbing other residents in the home.

Can we accommodate everyone with complex needs and challenging behaviour?

The short answer is no. 

Sometimes a person may constantly seek to leave the home or they may be physically violent to staff or other residents in the communal areas of the home. If this is the case we would not be able to accept your loved one at the home.

However for most cases where someone needs nursing care and has challenging behaviour we are able to offer them a place in the home.

In order to establish whether we will be able to offer your loved one a place we will do a thorough assessment to make sure we fully understand their needs and to ensure that we can care for them properly.

What to do now

If your loved one has dementia, needs full time nursing care and you feel they have challenging behaviour please call us on 01934 443028 for a confidential chat about your requirements.

Or why not pop in for a look around. We're always open and the kettle's always on so please don't hesitate to call in anytime. We'd love to meet you.