Are you facing this most difficult of decisions?

If you’re reading this the chances are you're facing one of life’s toughest decisions – to put your loved one ‘into care’. This is fraught with emotion even if it's only for a relatively short nursing care stay.

And the decision is made all the harder when they have dementia. 

Perhaps you're concerned that your loved one will be misunderstood and neglected, or maybe you're worried that they might become difficult or unmanageable away from your care.​

Whatever your concerns it makes choosing the right nursing home doubly important, especially if your loved is also unable to express their own opinions and preferences clearly.

It's tough for your loved one too

Facing moving into residential nursing care is also a daunting prospect for your loved one.

They may fear no longer being in control of their lives and be worried about moving to where they don’t know anyone. They may be concerned that they won’t like the food, that they’ll have no privacy and won’t be able to continue to do the things that still bring them pleasure.

Excellent, Friendly, Understanding, Compassionate
The manager at Ambleside Nursing Home is absolutely brilliant. She understands all her residents and ensures they all have individual attention and all their needs are met. Although the home is small it is light and airy with modern decor, the individual bedrooms are also decorated to a high standard. Excellent range of activities to stimulate all needs. Ambleside cannot be faulted

Joy M 

They may simply dread the disorientation and anxiety that those living with dementia can experience when confronted with an unfamiliar place.

If you recognise these fears and concerns for both yourself and your loved one, please be assured we can help.

Specialist nursing care for those living with Dementia

At Ambleside we have extensive experience of nursing those who are also living with dementia. It's likely that any sort of behaviour your loved one exhibits will be something we've dealt with before, so we'll know what to do.

We understand that they'll see and experience the world differently and our nursing team has been hand picked to ensure your loved one experiences the very highest levels of empathy, patience and understanding.

So,  you can relax safe in the knowledge that they are in capable hands and will be nursed with sensitively and great compassion.

Treated With Dignity, Care, Respect And Kindness
My parents have been at Ambleside Nursing Home since July and the care they have received has been excellent. All staff from the manager down treat my parents with dignity, care, respect and kindness and always have time for them and also for their visitors

Jean W 

What to do now

For a confidential chat about your requirements please call us on 01934 443028. We'd love to be able to help.

Alternatively, why not call in for a look around. You'll be able to see the facilities first hand, talk with current residents and to chat with our staff about your requirements and how we may be able to meet them.

In the meantime if you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to phone or click the button below to send us a message.

We look forward to meeting you! 

P.S Places at Ambleside are much sought after and we'd hate for you to have a wasted journey. We advise calling ahead to make sure a place is available before setting out to travel any distance.